To interpret the feel of a space...

~ A brutalist icon interpreted through dance and music ~ 

I wanted to try something more than just photos. Photos of architecture or scenery are often better with people in them I feel, naturally this is even more the case with video. 

So here’s another collaboration with the talented Ivana Radjenovic, Konstantina Skalionta and Phil Best

I found angles and spots I liked around the love-or-hate-it brutalist National Theatre (I love it of course), timed the shoot (as much as possible) so the sun was in a good position, then the girls designed dance movements to interpret the space. Konstantina (in black) improvised and directed movement (and danced). Ivana (in white) has collaborated in several other photo/video shoots previously.

Phil once again composed wonderful music specially for the video. He had actually composed a test piece inspired by the building and my photos of it, then adapted it to the dancing once the video was complete. (He also composed the music on this piece).

If you are an architect or building manager/owner with a spectacular space that would suit interpretation through dance and music - please get in touch!